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Hillary Jordan at the 2011 Texas Book Festival.

Hillary Jordan is an American novelist. She grew up in Dallas and Muskogee, Oklahoma and now lives in Brooklyn. She received a BA from Wellesley College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University.[1] and has written two novels, Mudbound (2008) and When She Woke (2011) and also a digital short story called "Aftermirth". She is currently working on her third novel, a sequel to Mudbound.[2]


Main article: Mudbound (novel)

Mudbound confronts racism on a cotton farm on the Mississippi Delta in 1946 and won the 2006 Bellwether Prize for fiction (awarded biennially to an unpublished work of fiction that addresses issues of social justice) and was the 2008 NAIBA (New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association) Fiction Book of the Year.

When She Woke[edit]

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When She Woke is a reimagining of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, set in a future dystopian and theocratic America where punishment for a crime consists of having the skin color altered - and released into the general population.


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