Hillsdale Lake

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Hillsdale Lake
Hillsdale Lake Marina.jpg
Hillsdale Lake Marina
Location Miami County, Kansas,
United States
Coordinates 38°39′15.85″N 94°54′19.72″W / 38.6544028°N 94.9054778°W / 38.6544028; -94.9054778Coordinates: 38°39′15.85″N 94°54′19.72″W / 38.6544028°N 94.9054778°W / 38.6544028; -94.9054778
Primary inflows Big Bull Creek
Primary outflows Big Bull Creek → Marais des Cygnes RiverOsage River
Basin countries United States
Surface area 4,580 acres (1,850 ha)
Max. depth 57 ft (17 m)
Surface elevation 917 ft (280 m)

Hillsdale Lake is a reservoir located in the northwestern part of Miami County, in northeast Kansas and the central United States; it is approximately 30 mi (48 km) from Kansas City. The surface area of the lake is approximately 4,580 acres (18.5 km2), and the lake has a maximum depth of approximately 57 ft (17 m).

Hillsdale Dam, impounding the Big Bull Creek to create the V-shaped reservoir, was completed in 1982 as a flood control project of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.[1] The reservoir has a normal storage capacity of 76,000 acre-feet.[2] No hydroelectric power is generated by the earthen dam. Recreational facilities include Hillsdale State Park, opened in 1994.[3]


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