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Native name: 日間賀島
Location Mikawa Bay
Coordinates 34°42′18″N 137°00′18″E / 34.705°N 137.005°E / 34.705; 137.005Coordinates: 34°42′18″N 137°00′18″E / 34.705°N 137.005°E / 34.705; 137.005
Total islands 1
Area 0.75 km2 (0.29 sq mi)
Coastline 6.0 km (3.73 mi)
Population 2,164
Ethnic groups Japanese
Additional information
Official website www.himaka.com

Himakajima (日間賀島?) is an island in Mikawa Bay in Aichi, Japan off the coast of the Chita Peninsula which is administered by Minami-Chita Town in Chita District, Aichi. It is famous for its catches of octopus and blowfish, and it draws many tourists who come to eat the octopus and blowfish caught off the island and prepared there, to enjoy the public baths, to fish, or to spend time on the beach.[1]


Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu) offers tours to Himakajima as part of its main portfolio of tour packages. From Kōwa Station, visitors can board a bus which will take them to a high-speed boat which will take them to the island in about ten minutes.


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