Himinbjorg (band)

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Origin Chambéry, France
Genres Black metal
Viking metal
Years active 1996 - present
Website http://www.himinbjorg.fr
Members Zahaah - Vocals, Bass
Past members Mathrien D. - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Mick - Drums, Keyboards
Nataess - Bass
Anton - Guitars
Kahos - Drums
Corven - drums, vocals

Himinbjorg is a black/Viking metal band formed in Chambéry, France that takes its name from the mythological home of the god Heimdall.[1] Biography: Himinbjorg Himinbjorg was born in 1996 the meeting of two "founding fathers" and Zahaah Elvan.

The tone is set, the music finds its inspiration in the crucible of the soul Indo-European. The acoustic instruments are combined with saturated fat sounds, moods and melodies colored sublimating everything. This first step on a path oriented ancestor who sleeps in his own interior, finds himself crowned with a contract at Red Stream Rec (USA) in 1998.

1998 was also the year of the first album " Where Ravens Fly "as well as the integration of Mathrien within the group. The musical character asserts The tone hardens and softens at the same time reach into the ether. " Where Ravens Fly "is a simultaneous expansion to the two extremes is a bath in which power is combined with the epic translucent will shamanic trances.

The matrix Zahaah, Elvan , Mathrien is formed and is working with many foreign musicians who will officiate at the heart of many concerts that the group will.

Himinbjorg continues his tour and released his second album "In The Shadow Ravens" in 1999. The road seems to lead the group in the darkest recesses of his soul as reflected in the content of this album. The music is sharper and darker in sound and in color. Himinbjorg international interest and forged a solid reputation in addition to group stage without equal. 2000 is the year of origination Elwan, the group continues its road that leads to this area in more colorful, it's the return of calm after the storm.

The mini-CD " Third "(2001) recorded in the studio by Stephane Buriez Lab ( Loudblast ) is a radical shift in the evolution of the group. It's time for controlled power as speaking with compositions that by producing more polished.

In 2002 released " Haunted Shores ". This album is a continuation of the first fruits contained in" Third ". The melody is omnipresent, the compositions are richer and better developed." Haunted Shores "is a sign of maturity reached an impressive achievement, a moment of peace in the quest for Himinbjorg. In late 2002, the group secured three dates "From The Past" Tour, alongside Nehëmah, Blodsrit and Crystallium.

In September 2003, Himinbjorg is back with a new line-up ( Anton and Kaa) and a fourth album, " Golden Age ". Thanks to many reviews / interviews, the group manages to consolidate its position in the Black European scene and gives a series of concerts in France, Belgium and Germany. During the summer of 2004, reissued Adipocere on one CD, the album "Haunted Shores" and the MCD" Third ".

Himinbjorg is back with a fifth album "Europa", while preserving the band's style, allowing the quartet to explore new musical regions and offer its most ambitious album to date. The time of the conquest and the age-old battle with new rang ...

In 2009 released "Chants d'hier, chants de guerre, chants de la Terre"



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