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Himmelbjerget with the steam ship Hjejlen in the foreground
The view from Himmelbjerget to Julsø.

Himmelbjerget ("The Heaven Mountain" or "The Sky Mountain") is a hill located between Ry and Silkeborg, Denmark. With a height of 147 metres (482 feet) it is one of the highest points of the Danish landscape, but not the highest, as it was believed to be until 1847. Denmark's highest point is Møllehøj (at 170.86 m). However, when it comes to the size of the slope, Himmelbjerget is more impressive than Møllehøj: There is a height difference of 121 metres from the lake Julsø to the top of the hill, which is remarkable by Danish standards.

The high hill grew to fame in Denmark during the 19th century, as people gathered to admire the magnificent views and celebrate the Danish nation. You can still sail to Himmelbjerget from Ry, or from Silkeborg on the historic steamship Hjejlen ("The Golden Plover").

On top of the hill is a 25.1 metre tall tower that was erected to honour King Frederik VII and his role in giving the Danish people a constitution in 1849. Close to the top are more monuments, most honouring individuals, but also one to commemorate women's right to vote in 1915.

Coordinates: 56°06′19″N 9°41′06″E / 56.10517°N 9.68505°E / 56.10517; 9.68505

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