Hin und zurück

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Hin und zurück (There and Back) is an operatic 'sketch' (Op. 45a) in one scene by Paul Hindemith, with a German libretto by Marcellus Schiffer (de).

Hindemith wrote the piece for a collection of miniature operas presented on 17 July 1927 at the Baden-Baden Music Festival in the Theater Baden-Baden. The work lasts for just 12 minutes. Other short works by Darius Milhaud (L'enlèvement d'Europe), Kurt Weill (Mahagonny-Songspiel) and Ernst Toch (Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse) were performed on the same evening. The performance was re-enacted in October 2013 by the Gotham Chamber Opera in New York City.[1]


Role Voice type Premiere cast, 17 July 1927
(Conductor: Ernst Mehlich)
Robert tenor J. Klemperer
Helene soprano Betty Mergler
Professor baritone Gerhard Pechner
Ambulance man bass Lothar
Wise man tenor Giebel


In a kind of dramatic palindrome, a tragedy unfolds involving jealousy, murder and suicide. and is then replayed with the lines sung in reverse order to produce a happy ending.


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