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Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Status Active
Founded 1997 (1997)
Country of origin Egypt
Headquarters location Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Distribution Worldwide
Official website www.hindawi.com

Hindawi Publishing Corporation is a commercial publisher of scientific, technical, and medical (STM) literature. Founded in 1997, Hindawi currently publishes more than 400 peer-reviewed and open access scientific journals as well as, more recently, a number of scholarly monographs. As of May 2014, 45 of the journals have a listed impact factor.[1] The company has its headquarters in Cairo and an office in New York. The journals are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY).[2] Hindawi was originally included on a list of publishers that "may show some characteristics of 'predatory open access publishers'",[3] was later moved to the watch section of the list[4] and has since, as of January 2014, been removed entirely.[5]


Hindawi Publishing Corporation was founded in 1997 in Cairo by physics graduate Ahmed Hindawi and Nagwa Abdel-Mottaleb.[6] The company's first journal was the International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences.[6] By 2006 Hindawi had about 220 employees, including 15 software developers,[6] and it published journals in the physical sciences and in medical research.

Open access[edit]

By mid-2007, all of Hindawi's journals were open access journals.[7] Hindawi was one of the first publishers to use this model exclusively. Print versions are also available, using a customary subscription model.[8][9]

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