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For other uses, see Hindoo (disambiguation).

Hindoo is an archaic spelling of Hindu, and one whose use today may be considered derogatory.[1]


  1. ^ 1. Herbst 1997, pp. 106–107 Quote: "Hindu, Hindoo A term borrowed from the Persian word Hindu ... Hindu is used today for an adherent of Hinduism, the common religion of India. ... Hindoo is listed in dictionaries as a variant spelling, but it is one that may lend itself to derogatory use."; 2. Dasgupta 1998, p. 121 Quote: "I faced repeated and constant racial slurs at school, from "nigger" to "injun" to "Hindoo." I, as one of the few children of color, was the equal opportunity target."; 3. University of South Dakota 1989, p. 27 Quote: "On the streets, too, simple slur words like "Hindoo" and "Paki" – used almost with impunity in the seventies – underscore how language includes or excludes."; 4. Rosenblatt 1999, p. 81 Quote: "For example, even though the majority of these newcomers were, in fact, practicing Hindus, by the mid-1960s, anti-immigration agitators had dropped the use of Hindoo as choice slur."; 5. Bhatia & Ram 2004 Quote: "Not being able to live up to the 'unattainable' images of 'Charlie's Angels' and the golden-girls of 'The Brady Bunch,' and facing 'repeated and constant' racial slurs at school such as 'nigger,' 'injun,' and 'hindoo,' combined with a lack of role models ..."; 6. Yule 1989 Quote: "I suspect the answer may be the long tradition of using that sort of 'simplified spelling' to indicate the speech of vulgar and low types of people. Nevertheless, there is a sort of visual onomatopoeia; a Hindu has dignity, while a Hindoo seems slightly ridiculous."