Hinduism in Uzbekistan

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There are few thousand Hindus followers of Hare Krishna in Uzbekistan as per [1] International Religious Freedom Report 2006]

Brahma Kumaris are also present in Uzbekistan.

Indians in Uzbekistan[edit]

The Composition of the Indian community in Uzbekistan, currently around 690, has been changing over the years. The new arrivals are generally employees of Multinational Corporations, Banks and Hotels. They are employed as Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants and are well paid. About 20 Indians are employed by Indian Pharmaceutical joint ventures in Tashkent. Some are working at a Petrochemical complex in Karshi.

The Committee feels that the Indian community in Central Asia is bound to grow in view of its strategic and economic importance [2]

Hare Krishna in Uzbekistan[edit]

Hare Krishna has one group registered in Uzbekistan.

Hare Krishna Centre is at Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 54, Chervyakova st, 700005.

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