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Developer(s) NTT Data Corporation
Stable release 4.1.1 / Jan 31, 2014
Operating system LinuxUNIXMicrosoft Windows
Available in Japanese, English, Chinese
Type System Administrationsystem monitoringnetwork monitoring
License GNU General Public License
Website http://www.hinemos.info/ (Japanese)

Hinemos is a popular open source software in Japan, which can manage several servers, computers, and other devices, as if you were only managing one single computer. Servers and computers are to be grouped, to meet the operational and management needs, and in those groups, you can monitor resources, service status, and even operate and manage jobs executed on monitored servers.


Basic features[edit]

Features which can be used for free are listed below.

  • Integrated Operation Feature : A feature which can show several operational management interfaces (perspectives) in one screen.
  • Job Management Feature : A feature to operate and manage jobs executed on managed computers and servers.
  • Monitoring Features : A feature to monitor servers, computers and other devices. Servers and Computers can be monitored in many different ways listed below.
  • Resource Management Feature : Collects CPUMemoryDiskNetwork resource informations and visualises in graph format.
  • Repository Management Feature : A feature to create and manage groups of servers and computers.
  • Notification Feature
    • Event Notification
    • Status Notification
    • Command Notification
    • Job Notification
    • Mail Notification
    • Log Escalation Notification
  • Calendar Feature : A feature to control action by the day of the week, specific date and time.
  • Batch Control Features : A feature to operate a batch in several computers and servers at once.
  • Account Feature : A feature to manage (to create, edit, delete) users and rolls of Hinemos Application, to manage and control accesses to its features and settings.
  • Maintenance Feature : A feature to maintenance databases used by Hinemos.
  • Web Service API : A feature which makes Hinemos accessible (and usable) from outside programs through SOAP.

Optional features[edit]

Functions which can be added as options are listed below

  • HA Option : An option to create HA Cluster, to increase Hinemos's reliance.
  • VM Management Option : An option specialized in VM Management. Available for VMWare ESX/ESXi, Xen and Oracle VM
  • Virtual Network Management Option : An option specialized in VM Management. Available for OpenFlow.
  • Cloud Management Option * An option specialized in Cloud Environment Management. Available for AWS.
  • Utility Option : An option which makes monitor settings more efficient.
  • Node Map Option : An option which shows managed servers and its relation in visualized format (map).
  • Job Map Option : An option which shows registered jobs and its status in visualized format (map).
  • UNIX Agent Pack : Hinemos Agent packages for UNIX

Many other options and services are available from Hinemos Partner Companies.

  • SAP Monitoring coordination solution : A Solution (Option) which makes Hinemos monitor SAP systems[1]( Qunie corp)
  • ITIL Service Management Solution : An coordination of Hinemos and "Redmine for ITIL" an operational process management and incident management tool following ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework.(Holon Technology)
  • Hinemos Chinese Edition : Hinemos available in Chinese Language (Atomitech Corp.)[2]
  • Hinemos for Windows : Optional product which makes Hinemos Manager available on Windows Platform (Holon Technology)


  • Open Source Software Made in Japan.
  • Easy to group and organize monitored servers, computers and other devices.
  • Not only server management feature, but also Job Management (System Administration) Feature is available, which is a rare case in Open Source Monitor Management Products.[3]
  • Many basic monitoring and resource management functions could be used without installing any agent applications.


Hinemos consists from 3 components listed below.

  • Hinemos Manager
  • Hinemos Agent
  • Hinemos Client

Hinemos Manager installed in management server will manage monitored servers, and keeps information in database. Hinemos Agent is installed in the monitored servers, when job management function and log transfer function is to be used. Operator will use Hinemos Client, and will see the information stored in the Hinemos Manager's Database.

Supported OS[edit]


Hinemos was developed under the commission of Information-technology Promotion Agency(IPA) Open Source Software utilizing foundation preparation project 2004(second half) .[4] In 2007 Hinemos was selected was Software Product of the Year 2007 (SPOTY2007)[5]


Hinemos is localized in Chinese Language (Software Package, and Manuals) and distributed within China. [6] [7]

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