Hing Hay Park (Seattle)

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Looking roughly northwest from Hing Hay Park

Hing Hay Park (traditional Chinese: 慶喜公園; simplified Chinese: 庆喜公园; pinyin: Qìngxǐ Gōngyuán; Jyutping: Hing3hei2 Gung1jyun4; literally: "Park for Pleasurable Gatherings") is a 0.3-acre (1,200 m2) public park in the International District of Seattle, Washington. At the corner of S. King Street and Maynard Avenue S., the park has an authentic pagoda in the center, along with benches and chess tables. Tai chi classes and free music are presented in the summer.

Coordinates: 47°35′54.8″N 122°19′31.3″W / 47.598556°N 122.325361°W / 47.598556; -122.325361

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