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Hip Pocket
Hip pocket someplace else live.jpg
Hip Pocket live at Someplace Else, Kolkata
Background information
Origin Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Genres Classic rock, fusion, pop
Years active 1996-present
Labels Independent
Website http://www.hippocket.in
Members Nondon Bagchi - Drums & Vocals
Sumith Ramachandran - Lead Guitar
Dominic Saldanha - Keyboards
Sankha Subhra Ghosh - Bass & Vocals
Diptarka Bose - Lead Vocals
Past members Rishi Chanda
Samidh Mukherjee
Som Dasgupta
Maninak 'Bumpy' Nag Chowdhury
Amyt Dutta
Bikramjit 'Tuki' Banerjee
Jeffrey Menezes
Ben Mark Westley

Hip Pocket (Bengali: হিপ পকেট) is a classic rock band, based in Kolkata, India. The formation of this band happened in a casual manner. On a fine day, the drummer (Nondon Bagchi) called up other musicians which led to the formation of this band. They started as a pop band and later turned into a rock band. The band has been able to attract audiences and became famous after performing at Someplace Else regularly. They now perform every Wednesday and Friday night at Someplace Else, Kolkata.[1]

Band members[edit]

  • Nondon Bagchi - Drums & Vocals
  • Sumith Ramachandran - Lead Guitar
  • Diptarka Bose - Lead Vocals
  • Dominic Saldanha - Keyboards
  • Sankha Subhra Ghosh - Bass & Vocals

Music style[edit]

They started as a pop band, but have changed their genre to classic rock later. They also play hard rock in concerts.

Musical influences[edit]

Their early influences were Rolling Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Doors. Though they began playing Pink Floyd much later, they realized that it works best for them. All the members have had varied influences over a period of time.[2]

Notable instruments[edit]

  • Godin Guitars
  • Schecter Bass
  • Boss GT-10
  • Marshall Amps


The band is getting managed by Eastern India's first Music Consultants Muzika India (www.muzika.co.in)


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