Hip hop in the Dominican Republic

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Dominican hip hop has its own style of hip hop music that reaches the Dominican Republic in the late 70's.


The Hip Hop started in the Dominican Republic in the late 70s with the arrival of the song that became successful global Rapper's Delight Afro-American group; The Sugarhill Gang and this would be the first topic of Dominican Rap and Rap turn first recorded in Spanish, Titled "Ven Aca means Come Here" by Dominican arranger Jorge Taveras and performed by comedians Freddy Beras-Goico And Felipe Polanco in 1979 after arises Merengue-Rap "the Gardener" by Wilfrido Vargas in the 80s.

The Hip Hop also started to become very popular by the Dominicans residing in the United States (especially New York), who started out in music and Cassette Mixtapes Americans rappers, which motivated and / or inspired many young people in the Dominican Republic this style of music. With the premiere of the movie Flashdance, Beat Street and Breakin 'in the country in the early 80's, began to be encouraged more dancing Break Dance Electro Booguie influencing Dominican youth. Since first emerging in The Bronx and Harlem, the lifestyle of hip hop culture has today spread around the world. One of the places hip hop spread to was the Dominican Republic. The four historic elements of hip hop are: MCing (rapping), DJing, urban inspired art/tagging (graffiti), and b-boying (or breakdancing). The most known extended elements are beatboxing, hip hop fashion, and hip hop slang. All these elements have been carried on into the Dominican Republic since the mid 80s by young immigrants who returned to their mother land, usually from Puerto Rico, New York, Boston and Florida. Dominican hip hop started to gain national popularity in the years 2006 and 2007, by this time most of young people who followed this genre knew about their peoneers:El lapiz conciente, Vakero, Toxic Crow, Joa & Charles Family.

Featured Artists[edit]

Dominican artists playing Hip Hop include:


Old school stages from La Romana in the 90's and San Pedro de Macorix Dom Rep :

Artist include: Moneykane aka Money Cool Rap y su mente militar, Evil V aka Dj Blizzard, La Crema Aka Kream Kapry, Latin Power, Dj Method, Piel Paolo y su Latin Power, Isaias, Cool fresh, Pitufo (De san pedro) Y su trubu revelde, Los scientificos, Bacanan 4, Crazy P, John J (R.I.P), Alexis Aka El viejo Bob, Carlitos aka La rata, Papo aka La rata, From Sto. Dom, Dom Rep: Your Bass aka Papi Sanchez, The incredible posse etc.