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Hippolytus may refer to:

  • In Greek mythology:
    • Hippolytus, son of Theseus
    • Hippolytus, son of Aegyptus, killed by the Danaid Rhode
    • Hippolytus, one of the Gigantes, slain by Hermes
    • Hippolytus, a lover of Aegiale (wife of Diomedes)
    • Hippolytus, father of Deiphobus of Amyclae (the one who cleansed Heracles for the murder of Iphitus)
    • Hippolytus, successor to Zeuxippus as king of Sicyon, son of Rhopalus, grandson of Phaestus and father of Lacestades
    • Hippolytus, beloved of Apollo
  • Historical figures:
  • Literary works based on the Greek myth:
  • Operas:
  • Institutions/Organisations:
    • Hippolytus a Greek non profit organisation for the preservation and cultural promotion of the Skyros Pony.