Hirado Bridge

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Hirado Bridge
平戸大橋 (Hirado Ō-hashi?)
Carries Japan National Route 383
Locale Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
Design Suspension bridge
Material Steel
Total length 665 metres (2,182 ft)
Longest span 465.5 metres (1,527 ft)
Opened 1977
Coordinates 33°21′24″N 129°34′20″E / 33.35667°N 129.57222°E / 33.35667; 129.57222Coordinates: 33°21′24″N 129°34′20″E / 33.35667°N 129.57222°E / 33.35667; 129.57222
Hirado Bridge is located in Japan
Hirado Bridge
Hirado Bridge (Japan)

The Hirado Bridge (平戸大橋 Hirado Ō-hashi?) is a suspension bridge in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. It connects the islands of Hirado and Kyūshū. Completed in 1977, it has a main span of 465.5 meters and total length of 665 m. From April 1, 2010, no fee is required to pass the bridge.

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