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Hirakata Park or HiraPa for short (ひらかたパーク or ひらパー?) is an amusement park managed by Keihan Electric Railway in the city of Hirakata in Osaka Prefecture. It opened in 1910 as Kōri Park (香里遊園地 Kōri Yūenchi?) in Neyagawa and moved to Hirakata during Taishō period. The amusement park features five roller coasters, a Flower Doll Exhibit and a skating rink during winter.


Hirakata-kōen Station on the Keihan Main Line

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Coordinates: 34°48′20.8″N 135°38′17.27″E / 34.805778°N 135.6381306°E / 34.805778; 135.6381306