Hiram na Mukha (film)

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Hiram na Mukha
Directed by Joel Lamangan
Starring Nanette Medved
Christopher De Leon
Cesar Montano
Distributed by Viva Films
Release dates
22 October 1992
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog

Hiram na Mukha (Filipino: "Borrowed Visage") is a 1992 Filipino film directed by Joel Lamangan. In 2007, it was made into a TV drama series.


Famous plastic surgeon Dr. Hugo (Christopher de Leon) has a fiancée Alicia (Nanette Medved) and feels that her face is his greatest creation. Originally a monstrous carnival attraction, she was transformed into a beautiful and glamorous woman through surgery. Alicia learns that beauty is not everything that she imagined it to be. She finds it difficult to discern whether people like her for her personality, or only because she is rich and beautiful. She yearns for her former self, the ugly Carissa. As Carissa, she felt sure that those who liked her were not attracted by her appearance. One such person was her former neighbor and lover, Mendez (Cesar Montano).

Mendez is actually Hugo's grandson. He and Alicia rekindle their relationship. The lovers conceive a scheme to scam the great doctor out of his fortune. The plan calls for Alicia to wed Hugo and convince him to transfer his fortune to her. Then Mendez will murder his grandfather and the lovers will live happily ever after. The has an even more diabolical plan.


Komiks Origin[edit]

Hiram na Mukha was first serialized in Komiks before becoming a film. Pablo Gomez was the creator and writer of the story. However, all the rights were transferred to Viva Films.

TV series[edit]

In 2007, Hiram na Mukha was remade as a TV series starring Heart Evangelista as Alicia/Carissa. It was the second installment of Sineserye Presents.

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