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Hiripoda Wassa is a 2006 Sinhala movie directed by Udayakantha Warnasuriya. It is woven around young lives engulfed in the challenges in the present-day society, in Sri Lanka.


"The story revolves round three teenagers - Prageeth, a younger, darker version of Hugh Grant, the son of a business tycoon (Vijaya Corea), whose fiance is Veena (Anarkali Akarsha); Sithum, the son of a Postman (Jayalath Manoratne) is in love with Pooja, (Chathurika Peiris) while Ramith who says he comes from the middle class, and is seduced by his biology teacher who as luck would have it lives in an apartment directly opposite his block of flats, nevertheless, voices every teenagers views of life when he says all he wants to do is to take things easy." (Shape eke jeevath venava).


Hiripoda Wassa however, is not a movie that would make you think or cry, and no one would dream of using the highest compliment on the tongues of the teenage characters in the movie to describe it." [1]


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