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Kōju Meguro (目黒 浩樹 Meguro Kōju?, July 23, 1942 -), better known by the stage name Hiroki Matsukata (松方 弘樹 Matsukata Hiroki?), is a Japanese actor. He is the son of jidaigeki actor Jūshirō Konoe and actress Yaeko Mizukawa and has a younger brother Yūki Meguro who is also an actor.

As a young man, he aspired to be a singer, but turned to acting, making his debut at age 17. He worked for Tōei, specializing in jidaigeki and yakuza films. In 1969 he switched to Daiei as a replacement for Ichikawa Raizo VIII, starring in many films. On returning to Tōei, he played in supporting roles, including Hidemori Kaiji in the The Doberman Cop, starring Sonny Chiba, and three different character in the Battles Without Honor and Humanity series, starring Bunta Sugawara.

With ex-wife actress Akiko Nishina he has two children. Son Masaki Nishina and daughter Hitomi Nishina are both in the entertainment industry.

Matsukata has at least 27 film credits. An early appearance was in The Magic Serpent (1966). In addition to Battles Without Honor and Humanity, he starred in both the original 1984 Shura no Mure and the 2002 remake. In addition, he has appeared in at least 16 V-Cinema titles. His television credits include Ōedo Sōsamō (1979 to 1984), the title role in Meibugyō Tōyama no Kin-san (1988–1998), the lead character Yaguchi Mansaku in Hadaka no Deka, and one of the central characters in HOTEL. He played Ōishi Kuranosuke in the 1994 TBS Daichūshingura. Commercial endorsements include Nissan Laurel automobiles and Suntory Hops Nama and Dry beers. Matsukata also appeared as a guest voice actor in the NHK anime series Agasa Kuristii no Mei Tantei Powaro to Maapuru ("Agatha Christie's Famous Detectives Poirot and Marple").



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