Hiroshi Shiibashi

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Hiroshi Shiibashi
Born (1980-06-06) June 6, 1980 (age 34)
Suita, Osaka, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Area(s) Manga artist
Notable works
Nurarihyon no Mago

Hiroshi Shiibashi (椎橋寛 Shiibashi Hiroshi?, born June 6, 1980, Suita, Osaka, Japan) is a Japanese manga artist known for the manga Nurarihyon no Mago. He has worked as an assistant on Hirohiko Araki's series Steel Ball Run.[1] On Nikkei Entertainment's list of most successful manga artist's he ranked 10th.[2]


  • 2002: Debuted in Business Jump illustrating a oneshot titled "Aratama" (璞〜ARATAMA〜), written by Saori Uemura (植村 沙織, Uemura Saori).
  • 2003: Appeared in the New Year's issue of the Osaka University of Arts magazine with a oneshot titled "The Fangs of Kyūso" (窮鼠の牙, Kyūso no kiba). He was also in charge of the illustrations for Saori Uemura's novel "The Delusions of a Stupid Woman" (バカな女の妄想, Baka na onna no mōsō). In the same magazine's spring issue, he illustrated a oneshot titled Aka-tuki (Aka-Tuki 〜赤月〜), written by Kengo Kaji (梶研 吾 Kaji Kengo?).
  • 2004: Appeared in the year's sixth issue of Business Jump with "Silver Tray" (銀の盆, gin no bon) and the same year's 24th issue with "The Shinmeishaku Dictionary" (新明釈国語辞典, Shin meishaku kokugojiten).
  • 2005: Appeared in the spring issue of College Manga with "Falconer of the Mountains" (山脈のファルコナー, Yamanami no fuarukonaa), the summer issue with "Rakuda no Kobu" (ラクダのこぶ), and the autumn issue illustrating Saori Uemura's "Lilly Bulb".
  • 2006: Appeared in Akamaru Jump's spring issue with Nurarihyon no Mago.
  • 2007: Appeared in the year's 35 issue of Weekly Jump with Nurarihyon no Mago and won the third annual Golden Future Cup competition.
  • 2008: Nurarihyon no Mago is serialized in the year's 15th issue of Weekly Jump, as Shiibashi's first serialization.
  • 2014: Illigal Rare began serialization in the year's 11 issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump



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