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The Hispanic Democratic Organization (HDO) was a political action committee (PAC) officially started in 1993.


HDO was created by Tim Degnan, Victor Reyes, and Al Sanchez in 1993 to assist Richard M. Daley win his first mayoral election. At first, the organization focused on the South Side of Chicago. HDO expanded across the city and made inroads into the suburbs and has helped corrupt non Latino regimes in Cicero. Aside from Mayor Daley, HDO was a major force in electing alderman, state representatives, and state senators. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, HDO spent more than $530,338 on political campaigns.

The HDO filed paperwork on July 1, 2008, along with state records, that indicate the group is closing its campaign committee. The group's reports show that all their funds were spent as of April 2008.[1]


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