History of the Jews in Jamaica

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Jamaican Jews
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Notable Jamaican Jews:
Sean Paul · Monty Alexander
Total population
est. 200 - 424,000 [1]
Regions with significant populations

The history of the Jews in Jamaica predominantly dates back to migrants from Portugal and Spain to the island since 1494.

Modern times[edit]

It was formerly believed that only 200 people were religiously practising Jews in Jamaica and most Jews migrated out of Jamaica. Now recent study has estimated that nearly 424,000 Jamaicans are descendants of Jewish (Sephardic) immigrants to Jamaica from Portugal and Spain from 1494 to the present, either by birth or ancestry. Jewish documents, gravestones written in Hebrew and recent DNA testing have proven this. While many are non-practising of the Jewish faith but it is recorded that over 20,000 Jamaicans religiously identify as Jews. Common Jewish surnames in Jamaica are: Abrahams, Isaacs, Levy, Marish, Lindo, Sangster, Da Silva, Cohen, Babb, Codner, Decosta, and Henriques.[2]

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