Hitachi-LG Data Storage

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Hitachi-LG Data Storage
Industry Data Storage
Founded 2000
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
Key people In-Cheol Choi, President & CEO
Shiwa Yoshihiro, President & CFO
Products Optical disc drives

Hitachi-LG Data Storage (abbreviated HL-DS) is a joint venture between Hitachi and LG.[1] The company is an OEM manufacturer of optical data storage devices such as CD and DVD drives for desktop and notebook computers. It does not sell directly to consumers.

The company was established in November 2000, started operation in January 2001, and shipped its first product, the HL-DT-ST GCC-4120B combo drive, on June 2001. In July 2006, the company started to develop Blu-ray Disc drives.

Their drives identify themselves as "HL-DT-ST" (Hitachi-LG Data Storage), followed by the actual product model.


Crossflash RBxx → RKxx requires[clarification needed] MCSE (MediaCodeSpeedEdit).

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