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Hitcents is a technology-based creative agency in Bowling Green, Kentucky specializing in web design, application development and mobile games. Hitcents was established by twin brothers Chris and Clinton Mills in 1999.


As high school sophomores, Chris and Clinton started Hitcents, which at the time was a company focused in internet advertising. When the company first began, Hitcents paid clients on a cents-per-hit basis, hence the company name. Hitcents was acquired by Houchens Industries in 2003. Since 2004, Hitcents has grown from three employees to 50, and it occupies 13000 sq. ft of the 4th floor Hitcents Park Plaza business park.[1]

Today Hitcents is run by twins Clinton and Chris Mills and their father Ed Mills. Hitcents was named one of the best places to work in Kentucky for 2014[3]


Omniprise ERP Software[edit]

Omniprise Logo.png

Omniprise is a customizable software suite for enterprise resource planning. Information gathered in a single central repository is available to every part of an enterprise for use in all applications from simple data mining to mission-critical decision making.[citation needed]


Website Development[edit]

Hitcents web development solutions include graphic design, programming and maintenance, administrative access, eCommerce, data transfer and website hosting. Hitcents web department has been recognized over the years with numerous awards for their website work including Marcom Awards,[4] Davey Awards[5] and Communicator Awards.[6] Hitcents designs websites for local businesses, celebrities, and international brands such as Tampico.


Hitcents technology solutions includes consulting, data backup, hardware purchasing, Virtual Private Network setup, secure DSL, kiosk development, networking and high-speed internet access.

VPN services allow facilities to share data between remote locations.


Hitcents offers a range of public relations and marketing solutions, such as Search Engine Resubmission, Cost per Click Marketing Options and social media planning.

Creative Design[edit]

Hitcents provides design aspects such as logos, print and web.[citation needed]

Software Development[edit]

Hitcents develops software for businesses, including a company intranet/extranet, inventory system, employee management program.


Hitcents provides video services including shooting, editing and production for a variety of content.[citation needed]

Mobile Application Development[edit]

Hitcents develops mobile applications for both in-house and client projects. These applications vary in genre: from mobile games to enterprise level business applications. Hitcents worked with Sony Music to develop the One Direction scrapbook app which earned a 5 star rating with over 1300 reviews. The success of the 1D app and companion website has also earned nominations in the Social, Content, Media and Entertainment categories.[7]

Draw a Stickman[edit]

Hitcents created the internationally recognized and award-winning series, Draw a Stickman.[citation needed] It started as a website, Drawastickman.com, and then was developed into a Draw a Stickman: Epic, a mobile application for iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows 7 and 8 phones, and later into full desktop versions for Windows 8, Linux, Mac OS X and Steam.

A key feature of the game is the ability of the player to create a stickman, which becomes the central character of the game. Throughout the game, the player guides this stickman through multiple levels, utilizing various pencils to draw elements, tools, and weapons to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Draw a Stickman: Epic combines adventure, puzzle, action, and creative thinking.


Hitcents created Battlepillars, a tug-of-war real-time strategy game for iOS, Android, and Steam. The game was launched on October 2nd, 2013. Battlepillars allows users to strategically build and command caterpillars, which are then sent to battle a red caterpillar army and various bosses. The game challenges users to create caterpillars using specialized segments that offer various powers and abilities.

Battlepillars is one of the first mobile cross-platform multiplayer games, allowing Android user to play against iOS users through Google Play.[8]

Hanx Writer[edit]

Hitcents created the Hanx Writer app in collaboration with Tom Hanks.[9][10][11] Inspired by Tom Hanks' appreciation for classic typewriters, the Hanx Writer App reflects the look, feel, and sound of old-fashioned word-processing.

Hanx Writer was released on August 14th, 2014. Hanx Writer reached the No. 1 ranking on the iTunes App Store in its launch week, where it held the top spot in both the Productivity section and the Overall section.[12][13]

Shanghai Office[edit]

In fall 2013, Hitcents opened their first international office, in Shanghai China[14] The Shanghai office specializes in publishing mobile games for the Chinese market and their platforms. The office is located in the Luwan District.


  • 1999: Hitcents is founded.
  • 2000: Hitcents has 10,000 member websites delivering over three million banner impressions a day for online advertisers.
  • 2001: In response to the dot-com crash, Hitcents develops a proprietary line of products to run ads on their existing member websites.
  • 2001: Develops an online web marketing tracking system that would monitor clients’ ROI in real-time.
  • 2002: Introduces web department services, leading to the development of over 40 functional websites by 2004.
  • 2002: Begins developing technical infrastructures and software development initiatives for many local and national corporations.
  • 2002: In December, Hitcents has its ribbon cutting as the first company to renovate space in Western Kentucky University’s Center for Research and Development.
  • 2003: Houchens Industries, a two billion dollar corporation and the largest ESOP in the world, acquires Hitcents, bringing a technology firm into their family of companies.
  • 2004: March: Hitcents hires its first employee.
  • 2004: November: Hitcents office expands to make room for 11 employees.
  • 2005: Hitcents now has 21 employees, 5,500 square feet (510 m2) of office space and continues to grow.
  • 2005 August: Hitcents presents EyeOn Automation, an intelligence system for homes and businesses.
  • 2006 April: Hitcents starts self-service checkout initiative, partnering with Pan-Oston and bringing the total employee count to 32. Hitcents expands office to 9,000 square feet (800 m2) to allow for more space to grow.
  • 2006 July: Hitcents launches Utopia product with Pan-Oston, the next generation of self-checkout lanes.
  • 2006 August: Hitcents launches Omniprise ERP software division, offering complete software and hardware solutions for all larger business needs. Hitcents reaches 50 employees and expands to 10,000 square feet (1,000 m2) of space.
  • 2006 September: Hitcents launches Ticket Kiosk program with Western Kentucky University.
  • 2007 June: Hitcents launches BlueCotton.com, a Flash website for designing and ordering t-shirts on the web. BlueCotton.com is recognized as Adobe's Site of the Day.
  • 2007 August: Hitcents is listed 191 of the 500 fastest growing companies by Inc. magazine. Chris and Clinton Mills are also named fifth in the top CEO’s under 30 years old by Inc.
  • 2007 November: Hitcents' EyeOn Automation division was called upon by ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to assist with installing special voice activated electronic features for the Hughes Family of Louisville, Kentucky.
  • 2007 November: The first Utopia self-checkout convenience store unit was installed in a Jr. Food store in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
  • 2008 February: Hitcents' Omniprise website is launched to showcase the innovate enterprise resource planning software.
  • 2008 May: Utopia self-checkout units were installed at Strack & Van Til supermarkets in the Chicago area.
  • 2008 October: Hitcents enterprise resource planning software Omniprise is launched. Omniprise is deployed for checkout counter manufacturer Pan-Oston and Ford's Furniture.
  • 2011 Hitcents wins Business Innovation Award from the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2011 Hitcents develops www.drawastickman.com.
  • 2012 Draw A Stickman is named one of the best websites of 2011.
  • 2012 May: Hitcents wins 3 Webby Awards - People's Voice Best Use of Motion Graphics and Viral Marketing of the Year, as well as the Webby Award for Best Use of Motion Graphics.[15]
  • 2012 June: Hitcents has groundbreaking for new office in downtown Bowling Green.[16]
  • 2012 October: Draw A Stickman: Epic is released.
  • 2013 February: Harlem Shake app is released.
  • 2013 May: Hitcents wins 2 Webby Awards - Webby winner in Handheld, and People's Voice winner in Tablet for Draw A Stickman: Epic.[citation needed]
  • 2013 July: Hitcents signs lease for office Shanghai, China.
  • 2013 July: Draw A Stickman: Epic is selected as one of the top 100 Android applications.
  • 2013 August: Hitcents moves into new offices at Hitcents Park Plaza in downtown Bowling Green, next to the Bowling Green Ballpark.
  • 2014 August: Hitcents releases the Hanx Writer app in collaboration with Tom Hanks.[17][18][19]

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