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Hitchcockian films are those made with the styles and themes similar to those of Alfred Hitchcock's films.


Elements considered Hitchcockian include:

Films not directed by Hitchcock[edit]

Aside from Hitchcock's own films, some films or scenes considered Hitchockian include:

Year Film
1944 Gaslight[1]
1956 23 Paces to Baker Street[2]
1957 Witness for the Prosecution[3][4]
1963 Charade[5]
From Russia with Love[6]
1988 The Vanishing[7][8]
1992 Basic Instinct[9]
1995 12 Monkeys[10][11]
2002 Panic Room[12]
2010 Buried
2011 Unknown[13][14][15][16]
2013 Stoker
Side Effects[17][18][19]
The films of Brian De Palma[20]

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