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Hittite University (Turkish: Hitit Üniversitesi) is a public university primarily located in Çorum, Turkey. It was formally established by the "Foundation Act No 5467", establishing it as a public university and juricial entity, enacted on 1 March 2006[citation needed]. The university was created from units that had previously been part of Gazi University.

Hittite University offers 64 Associate's Programs within 6 schools, 42 Undergraduate Programs within 7 faculties and 13 masters and 6 doctorate programs within 3 graduate schools. The student body numbers around 12,519 drawn from Turkey and 15 different countries, with 512 academic staff and 337 administrative staff. All instruction is offered in Turkish. The current Rector of the university is Prof. Dr. Reha Metin Alkan and the Vice Rector is Prof. Dr. Osman Eğri.

Hittite University takes its name from the Hittite civilization that existed in the Anatolian region in antiquity.


Hittite University is an urban university which has a multitude of campuses around Çorum. Each campus hosts student activities such as the Spring Festival, free concerts, opening concerts, sports tournaments, theatre performances and performances by student clubs as well as scientific and cultural seminars.

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