Hiushinai Station

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Station building

Hiushinai Station (緋牛内駅 Hiushinai-eki?) is a railway station located in Hiushinai in the Tanno-chō district of Kitami-shi city in Hokkaidō, Japan and services the Sekihoku Main Line operated by JR Hokkaido.

Station structure[edit]

Hiushinai is an unmanned station with two side platforms alongside two railway tracks.

Station environs[edit]

  • Hiushinai elementary school
  • Hokkaidō highway 556
  • National highway 39


  • October 5, 1911: Station opened
  • January 10, 1983: Station became unmanned on completion of CTC system

Coordinates: 43°52′51″N 144°00′00″E / 43.8808°N 144.0000°E / 43.8808; 144.0000