Hive (record producer)

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Origin San Francisco, United States of America
Genres Drum and bass
Occupation(s) DJ, Record Producer, Label Owner
Years active 1996–present
Labels Violence Recordings
Associated acts Gridlok, Echo, Keaton, Dom & Roland, The Upbeats, Phunckateck Communications, Technical Itch, Calyx, Teebee
Members Michael Petrie

Hive is the stage name of Michael Petrie (born December 1974),[1] a San Francisco-based DJ, producer, and record label owner who has contributed to dozens of recordings in the drum and bass musical genre. He owns the label Violence Recordings.

DJ Hive, along with Alien Nation (Orion South and Phoenix Orion) and Daddy Kev, was an integral part in the formation of Celestial Recordings. Some notable Celestial Recordings releases that Hive was a part of include Phoenix Orion's Zimulated Experiencez and the compilation Celestial Squadron. Hive's seminal solo release Hip-Hop 2023, which infused drum and bass with hip-hop, was also released on Celestial.


In popular culture[edit]

Although not as famous as some DJs, Hive's mixes have been used throughout popular media. His most noteworthy track is entitled "Ultrasonic Sound" which heavily samples the song "Re-Ignition" by the hardcore punk group Bad Brains. This track has been used in a number of places:

  • The sci-fi feature film The Matrix features the song in its soundtrack.
  • The television network Fox frequently played the track during Sunday football games when airing their description of the following week's football line-up.
  • The website Newgrounds' housed a classic game, Pico's School, which used the track as its main theme and background music.
  • A music video was also produced for the song, directed by Tamim Nashir, which focuses on a woman stealing some kind of computer data and then getting caught by a man in a business suit, presumably a security guard of some sort, who knocks her down with some kind of stun laser and then picks up the briefcase she was carrying and gets electrocuted and knocked out. This footage is also inter-cut with scenes of a woman with wires coming out of her head dancing, and a bald man in a dark, industrial-looking room wearing nothing but shorts acting like he is in severe pain and pounding on the floor with his fists. The video is notable for only being 2 minutes and 22 seconds in length excluding more than 50 percent of the song.


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