Hjörleifr Hróðmarsson

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This is an Icelandic name. The last name is a patronymic, not a family name; this person is properly referred to by the given name Hjörleifr.

Hjörleifr Hródmarsson (modern Icelandic Hjörleifur Hróðmarsson) was the brother-in-law of Ingólfr Arnarson, the first settler of Iceland in the 9th century C.E. He also helped to settle Iceland. While raiding in Ireland, he found an underground passage and killed a man to take his sword. From this event his original name Leifr was lengthened to Hjörleifr (Old Norse hjörr 'sword'). He was murdered by his Irish slaves because he mistreated them. The story of the settlement of Iceland is told in the compilation of settlers known as Landnámabók. [1]

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