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Editor Lise Hansen
Categories Women's magazine
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 169,258 (first six months of 2013)
Publisher Egmont Group
First issue 1911
Company Egmont Group
Country Norway
Language Norwegian
Website Hjemmet Denmark
Hjemmet Norway

Hjemmet, pronounced "yemmet" (English: Home) is a Norwegian weekly magazine, founded in 1911. The magazine was launched by Hjemmet Mortensen AB which merged with Ernst G. Mortensen, Egmont Group, in 1992.[1] After the merge it is owned and published by Egmont Group which also publishes Hjemmet (Norway) and Hemmets Journal (Sweden).[2] The magazine contains features, articles on food and interior decoration and crosswords. Its circulation was 228,313 in 2004. For the first six months of 2013, the circulation was 169,258.[3] The editor is Lise Hansen. Its target group is women 40 years and older (60% of readers are more than 44 years old). However, 27% of its readers were men in 2013.[3]

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