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Huang or Hwang
Family name
Chinese character representing Huang

Huáng (Mandarin)
Hwang (Korean)
Huỳnh or Hoàng (Vietnamese)
N̂g, Ung or Ooi (Hûiⁿ) (Hokkien and Teochew)
Wong (Cantonese)

Wee (Hainanese)
Meaning yellow
Region of origin China
Language(s) of origin Chinese

Huang (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ) is a Chinese surname that means "Yellow". While Huáng is the pinyin romanisation of the word, it may also be romanised as Hwang, Huong, Houang, Hoang, Wong, Hwong, Vong, Hung, Hong, Bong, Eng, Ng, Uy, Wee, Oi, Oei, Oey, or Ooi, Ong, or Ung due to pronunciations of the word in different dialects and languages.
This surname is known as Hwang in Korean. In Vietnam, the name is known as Hoàng or Huỳnh.

Huang is the 7th most common surname in China.[1] The population of Huangs in China and Taiwan was estimated at more than 29 million in 2000; it was also the surname of more than 2 million overseas Chinese, 4.3 million Vietnamese (5.1%), and an estimated 1 million Koreans (The 2000 census of South Korea revealed it was the surname for 644,294 South Koreans, ranked 17th).[2]



Huang (simplified Chinese: 黄; traditional Chinese: 黃) is a Chinese surname that means "Yellow". Huang is the 7th most common surname in China. The population of Huangs in China and Taiwan was estimated at more than 29 million in 2000.

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Main article: Hwang (Korean name)

Hwang (Hangul : 황) is a common Korean family name. Hwang is the equivalent of the Chinese surname Huang. Hwangs make up roughly 1.5% of the Korean population; the 2000 South Korean census found 644,294 in that country. Hwang Rak is the envoy of China during the Han Dynasty. He was shipping from China to Vietnam in AD 28. But the ship had struggled against the wind and waves in the sea. In this Result, Hwang Rak had drifted the sea. Finally, He was arrived Korea during the Silla Dynasty. This place is PyeongHae-Gun(大韓民國 慶尙北道 平海郡), GyeongSang-BukDo, Korea. He is naturalized as a Silla citizen. He also becomes a progenitor of Hwang in Korea.

List of Notable People with the surname Hwang


The Vietnamese versions of this surname are Hoàng and Huỳnh. According to Lê Trung Hoa, a Vietnamese scholar, approximately 5.1 percent of Vietnamese people have this surname.[5] The original form of this surname was Hoàng. But in southern Vietnam, Hoàng was ordered to be changed (excluding the Hoàng Trọng family) to Huỳnh due to a naming taboo with the name of Lord Nguyễn Hoàng .

Notable people with family name Hoàng
Notable people with family name Huỳnh

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