Hoël I, Duke of Brittany

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Hoël I of Brittany was an illegitimate son of Alan II and Judith .[a] He was Count of Nantes and Duke of Brittany from 960 to 981.


Upon the death of Drogo, the government of Brittany splintered among the leading nobles. Evidence of a fractured leadership appeared in letters from Pope John XIII to Brittany who addressed "Juhel Béranger and his son Conan, as well as Hoël and his brother Guérech. "[b]

In 975, Hoël I entered into a conflict with Conan I Le Tort, the Count of Rennes and son of Juhel Béranger .[c] Conan I controlled the north of Brittany and considered himself the ruler of Brittany. Hoël's army was supplemented by the troops of Geoffrey I of Anjou while Conan I's army was supported by the forces of the House of Blois. A battle ensued at Conquereuil where Geoffrey defeated Conan I. [d]

In 981, Hoël I worked to have his brother Guérech elected Bishop of Nantes to replace Gauthier I who had died.


The name of Hoël I's spouse is unknown. He had at least two known children:

  • Judicaël (c 979 - 1004) - he became Count of Nantes and was the father of Budic and Judith of Nantes
  • Hoël


During Guérech's visit to the Metropolitan of Tours, who controlled all bishops in Brittany, Hoël I was assassinated by Galuron under the orders of Conan I.[when?] Guérech left his bishopric of Nantes before being consecrated Bishop and was elected Count of Nantes.


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