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Hob or HOB may refer to:

  • Hob (folklore), a household spirit in Northern England
  • Hob, a generic term for various Dwarf-like and Elf-like magical creatures in Germanic folklore (see also hobbit)
  • Hob (hearth), a projection, shelf, grate or bench for holding food or utensils
  • Hob, the top cooking surface on a kitchen stove
  • Hob, a male ferret
  • Hob, a tool used in hobbing, or gear-making
  • Hob, a raised border around the base of a bathroom shower
  • Hob, a stake used as a target in the game of quoits
  • HOB GmbH & Co KG, an international computer company
  • Hob, a nail on the sole of a hobnailed boot

Acronyms and codes[edit]

As a name or nickname[edit]