Hobart bid for the 2022 Summer Youth Olympic Games

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Hobart 2022 is a bid by the city of Hobart, Australia, to host the 2022 Summer Youth Olympic Games. The bid has been considered a step-up for a future bid for the Summer Olympic Games.


2016 and 2020[edit]

Originally a joke, two radio hosts- Ben Waterworth and Anthony Moran- started talking about Hobart bidding to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. They even made a video with the slogan "Together, We Can." Later on, the two became more serious. They started gathering information on bids, and started making a bid plan for Hobart to bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. In 2009, a supporting group was formed on Facebook. It had over 5,000 likes by the end of 2009. It had become the real deal. Within two years, it had over 12,000 likes from 65 countries. It was the third most liked campaign for 2020 on Facebook.


In June 2011, the group opted to bid for the 2022 Summer Youth Olympics.


Hobart Aquatic Centre

Location: Queens Domain, Hobart

Sports: Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Modern Pentathlon, Water Polo

About: The Hobart Aquatic Centre has already played host to several Australian National Championships and served as the base for the Canadian Olympic Team during the Sydney Olympics. The internationally ready facility needs only minor upgrades in order to accommodate an events such as the Olympics.

Hobart Archery Park

Location: Lauderdale, Hobart

Sports: Archery

About: Lauderdale already houses the Tasmanian Archery Centre, but with the relevant upgrades we will turn the area into an International standard facility, capable of hosting not only Archery at the Olympics but future International competitions

Derwent Entertainment Center

Location: Glenorchy, Tasmania

Sports: Basketball, Gymnastics

About: One of Tasmania's premier events facilities, the DEC has been home to several major international artists over the year, and with some further upgrades it can be capable of hosting several different Olympic events come the time of the games. It was previously the home of the Hobart Devils when the side played in the National Basketball League and would look to be the home of the planned return of a side into the National competition

Aurora Sports Stadium

Location: New Town, Hobart

Sports: Basketball

About: The current home of the Hobart Chargers and Hobart Netball, the facility would need to be increased in capacity and size in order to host Olympic Basketball and Netball if the sport was to be included in the Olympics. After the games, the venue can be continued to be used as the home of the Chargers, as well as a possible expansion from Tasmania into the National Netball League

Mount Wellington

Location: South Hobart, Hobart

Sports: Mountain Biking, BMX

About: One of the icons of Hobart, the mountainous environment of the area will serve as a perfect location for the Mountain Biking and BMX events. Only minor upgrades would be needed in order to bring it up to international standards, especially for spectator viewing and access

Hobart Equestrian Park

Location: Lauderdale, Hobart

Sports: Equestrian, Modern Pentathlon

About: With state equestrian facilites already housed at Lauderdale, further upgrades would be needed in order to bring it up to Olympic standards. Once completed however, it would provide Tasmania with another internationally capable facility

Tasmanian Hockey Centre

Location: New Town, Hobart

Sports: Hockey

About: Already an Internationally ready sporting venue after hosting the 2001 Junior World Championships, the THC would only need very minor updates in order to bring it to Olympic standards

Bellerive Oval

Location: Bellerive, Hobart

Sports: Football

About: Home of Tasmanian Cricket, the stadium would be used to host Football preliminaries and round robin matches. Through further upgrades, it would bring the stadium to an even more International standard

KGV Oval

Location: Glenorchy, Hobart

Sports: Football

About: The oval is home to football in the northern suburbs of Hobart and with several upgrades the stadium would be capable of hosting football preliminaries. It would also be able to be used as another venue for a Tasmanian AFL side

North Hobart Oval

Location: North Hobart, Tasmania

Sports: Football

About: The spiritual home of Tasmanian Football, North Hobart Oval would face a major redevelopment that would bring the stadium up to a level to host football preliminaries

Royal Hobart Golf Club

Location: Seven Mile Beach, Hobart

Sports: Golf

About: One of the newest Olympic sports, Golf will be played at Tasmania's premier golfing facility which has already played host to the Australian Open and other major golfing events. With some minor upgrades, future golfing championships can be played at the venue

Domain Tennis Centre

Location: Queens Domain, Hobart

Sports: Tennis

About: Already home to the annual WTA Tennis International, the centre would need to be upgraded in order to host Olympic Tennis. With the relevant upgrades in place, the centre could bid for future International Tennis events

Kingborough Sports Centre

Location: Kingston, Hobart

Sports: Table Tennis

About: Already a multi-purpose sports centre, the table tennis will be housed within the facility. Several upgrades would be needed in order to bring it up to international standards

South Hobart Badminton Centre

Location: South Hobart, Hobart

Sports: Badminton

About: Home to Tasmanian Badminton, the venue would need to undergo major redevlopment in order for it to be brought up to Olympic Standards. After the Olympics it could play host to several international competitions

Derwent River

Location: Hobart

Sports: Sailing, Triathlon, Open Water Swimming

About: The world famous Derwent River will serve as a picturesque backdrop for several events and provide the public with a free viewing experience they won't soon forget


Location: Hobart

Sports: Triathlon, Road Cycling, Marathon, Race Walking

About: The spectacular and historic streets of Hobart will play host to several events, and will once again provide free viewing access to several events for the public

There is no track 'n field stadium listed, as well as no stadium to host the Opening/Closing Ceremonies.

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