Hobgoblins 2

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Hobgoblins 2
Hobgoblins 2.jpg
Directed by Rick Sloane
Produced by Rick Sloane
Written by Rick Sloane
Starring Josh Mills
Sabrina Bolin
Jason Buuck
Jordana Berliner
Josh Green
Chanel Ryan
Music by Alan DerMarderosian
Cinematography James Markham Hall, Jr and Matt Berger
Distributed by Shout! Factory
Release date(s)
  • June 23, 2009 (2009-06-23)
Running time 92 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Hobgoblins 2 is a 2009 direct-to-DVD sequel to the 1988 science-fiction film, Hobgoblins. Written and directed by Rick Sloane, the film was released on DVD by Shout! Factory on June 23, 2009. The sequel is intended to look identical to the original film, and was created using 35 mm film and composite effects, look-alike actors, some of the same costumes and the same puppets.


The film takes place after the original film, where McCreedy has been locked in a psychiatric hospital after blowing up the film studio because of the Hobgoblins, which occurred at the end the first film. Kevin and his friends are now in college, and their Professor introduces them to McCreedy, who warns them that it is still possible to be attacked by Hobgoblins. Despite McCreedy's warning, Kevin and his friends re-encounter the Hobgoblins and must fight against them to save their lives.


  • Josh Mills as Kevin
  • Jordana Berliner as Daphne
  • Ashley Ausburn, as Buffy
  • Sabrina Bolin as Amy
  • Jason Buuck as Nick
  • Josh Green as Kyle
  • Chanel Ryan as Fantazia


Made on a low budget, the film is full of in-jokes and the same cheap special effects from the original. The characters are all dressed like it's still the 80s. Fantazia now does internet sex instead of phone sex with Kyle, Nick has been dishonorably discharged from the army, Daphne is still a bitch, and Kevin is still henpecked by his frigid girlfriend Amy. Hobgoblins 2 also delivers even more stock shots of explosions and car crashes than the original.

A DVD bonus feature, "Hobgoblins 2, What Were They Thinking?", features the original Hobgoblins cast critiquing the new actors who re-create their roles. Director Rick Sloane discusses how this film was originally planned to go into production two years after the original, and instead 20 years later, it was shot using the same script. Nonetheless, the film does include occasional sly references to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode in which the original film was spoofed (after it was submitted to the MST3K team by Sloane himself) - in particular, the theme song for Hobgoblins 2 is based on a song that Mike and the Bots sing in the MST3K episode.


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