Hocus Focus (TV series)

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Hocus Focus
Hocus Focus TV Series Opening Image.png
Still from title sequence
Genre Children Variety Show
Format Educational, Children's
Written by Lou Berger
Bob Keiber
Ellen Schecter
Larry Jordan
Peggy Sloane
Directed by Andrea Cvirko
Nan Harris
Starring Brad Williams
Jim Jinkins
Theme music composer George James
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
Producer(s) Patty Rout
Editor(s) Larry Jordan
Alan Miller (editor)
Camera setup Robert Ellis
Barry Fialt
Distributor Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment [1]
Original channel Nickelodeon (1979-1980)
Related shows Pinwheel (TV series)

Hocus Focus is the name of a children's television series in 1979 which aired on Nickelodeon.


Hocus Focus featured an apprentice wizard who magically time traveled forward from the Middle Ages named Kryspen, who worked in the film department of a public library, who, along with his shape-shifting pet named "Oulak", played short films. Kryspen's friends included the absent-minded Professor Rhombus, a young woman named Daisy, and a talking book.[2] The show only lasted one year.[3]


Transcription of YouTube theme song.:[4]

Way back in the days
but before modern ways
when magic was really the rage,
Kryspen Qwestor the ?pelz?
joined the college of ?felz?
in the hope of becoming a mage.

The seasons would pass
as he took every class
for an abracadabra degree,
and for guidance he'd look
in a magical book
which could talk and take notes

Aways ... at least
need a magical beast
and Kryspen's was really a prize,
it was called an Oulak
and it had quite a knack
for transforming it's shape and its size.

According to rule
all the wizards in school
were sent on a difficult quest,
so the headmaster said
we'll send Kryspen ahead
to the future histo test.

And then with a blast
he abandoned the past
and came to the time called today,
where the traffic and din
of the town he was in
nearly caused him to faint right away.

Amidst his distress he recalled an address
where he knew his headquarters would be,
a museum wherein he could calmly begin
to investigate this century.

With films and with screens and with picture machines
he knew more than ever before,
?we could learn you reply? flick a switch and you'll find
Hocus Focus the world at your door.

Show Credits[edit]

Transcription of YouTube clip.:[5]

Current Rights[edit]

Still image from end credits from YouTube video cited in article.
End Credit Still

This show was only shown for one year. This picture was taken from the end credits of the Hocus Focus TV show.[6] It shows that it was distributed by Warner-Amex_Satellite_Entertainment in 1980. The Wikipedia article of Warner-Amex_Satellite_Entertainment indicates that the Pinwheel Show, shown on the same Pinwheel Network was turned into Nickelodeon. Through corporate changes, Nickelodeon is currently owned by Viacom as part of MTV Networks.


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