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Site of Saint Mungo's 7th century Monastery
Hoddom Bridge

Hoddom is a small settlement and civil parish in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. It is home to Hoddom Castle.


Saint Kentigern (Saint Mungo) built his monastery 300 meters west of the now Hoddom Bridge. During excavations, his small church was located under the old gravesite by the river. For some years, Saint Mungo fixed his Episcopal seat at Hoddom, then evangelised the district of Galloway. He eventually returned to Glasgow where a large community grew up around him, becoming known as Clas-gu (meaning the 'dear family').


Fragments remain of the old church built in 1610. A Roman altar stone, taken from the 17th century church is built inside the porch of the present church. The new Hoddom parish church, was built in 1817 and recast in 1914.


Hoddom Castle, the old Maxwell fortalice, to the south-west of the parish, was once part of the Scottish border defences.

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Coordinates: 55°02′38″N 3°18′40″W / 55.044°N 3.311°W / 55.044; -3.311