Hodge-Podge (soup)

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Main ingredients
Mutton, other meat, vegetables
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Hodge-Podge is a soup made of a mixture of various ingredients. According to the 1903 The Steward's Handbook and Guide to Party Catering,[1] it is "common English for Hotch-Potch, a mixture; mutton soup thick with pieces of meat and all sorts of vegetables, also Hot-Pot."

Often this soup is a token of poverty, when a food is prepared from whatever ingredients are available.[2]

In Nova Scotia, it is a particular stew prepared in August consisting of new baby vegetables (potatoes, carrots, and beans notably). The vegetables are boiled in enough water to cover them and when the baby potatoes are soft; heavy cream, butter and salt/pepper are added. Locally, the addition of meat or older vegetables would be considered inconsistent to the tradition.

In nearby New Brunswick the recipe is similar to that of the Nova Scotia version except peas are used instead of carrots. This has led to an alternate name for the dish being "Peas, beans & potatoes". Older vegetables will be used but baby vegetables are preferred.


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