Hodh El Gharbi Region

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Map of Mauritania showing Hodh El Gharbi
Landscape in Hodl El Gharbi (near Ayoun)

Hodh El Gharbi (Arabic: ولاية الحوض الغربي‎) is a region in southern Mauritania, with an area of 53,400 square kms. The population at the 2013 Census was 294,109. Its capital is Aïoun (formerly called Ayound el Atrrous).

The region borders the Mauritanian regions of Tagant to the north, Hodh Ech Chargui to the east and Assaba to the west. To the south in borders Mali, and a part of Malian territory protrudes into the region. The Aoukar basin, which formerly gave name to a greater region, is located in the northern and central part of Hodh El Gharbi, extending eastwards.[1]


Departments of Hodh El Gharbi

Hodh El Gharbi Region is divided into four departments, listed below with their area and populations at the 2013 Census:

Name Area (km2) Population at Census
25 March 2013 [2]
Aïoun 18,960 65,237
Koubenni 8,765 92,690
Tamchekett 13,565 39,013
Tintane 12,110 97,169

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Coordinates: 16°30′N 10°00′W / 16.500°N 10.000°W / 16.500; -10.000