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Hoefler Text
Category Serif
Classification Old-style
Designer(s) Jonathan Hoefler
Foundry Hoefler & Co.

Hoefler Text is a contemporary serif Antiqua font that was designed for Apple Computer to demonstrate advanced type technologies. Hoefler Text was created to allow the composition of complex typography; as such it takes cues from a range of classic fonts, such as Garamond and Janson.

Designed by Jonathan Hoefler in 1991,[1] a version of Hoefler Text has been included with every version of Mac OS since System 7.5.


Hoefler Text incorporates automatic ligatures, the round and long s, real small capitals, old style figures and swashes. Hoefler Text also has a matching ornament font. It was, until OpenType made advanced typographic features more common, one of only a few fonts in common usage that contained old style, or ranging, figures[citation needed], which are designed to harmonize with standard upper- and lowercase text.


Since the introduction of the font, Hoefler Text has been expanded to include additional typographic features, and versions of the font published by Hoefler & Frere-Jones now include three weights, swash caps, italic small capitals, and two sets of engraved capitals.


Hoefler Text was used in the Wikipedia logo until the 2010 redesign, when it was replaced with Linux Libertine.[2]

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