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The HZ University of Applied Sciences (Dutch: Hogeschool Zeeland - HZ) is a vocational university in the Dutch province of Zeeland and has buildings in Vlissingen and Terneuzen. It has been the only university in Zeeland for a long time. HZ University of Applied Sciences is declared by an independent research from the Keuzegids HBO as the second best major University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands in 2011, 2012 and 2013. 15 of the 23 Bachelor’s programmes are in the top 3 'Best of the Netherlands'.[1][2]

About HZ[edit]

The HZ was founded in 1987 as a cooperation between six other educational institutions. The university started with 1400 students, and nowadays it has 4000 students. About 400 of them are not Dutch, but Chinese for example.

The HZ has three locations.

  • Boulevard Vlissingen
  • Edisonweg Vlissingen (main location)
  • Vlietstraat Terneuzen

The HZ has two students' corps: Aqua Ad Vinum[3] and Marum Bibio.[4]


The HZ has several Academies. Each Academy has its own study programmes.

  • Academy for Economics and Management
Business Economics
Commercial Economics
International Business and Management studies -
Business Administration
Human Resources Management
  • Academy for Education and Pedagogy
Elementary school teacher
  • Academy for Technology and Innovation
Computer Studies
Chemistry -
Engineering, Design and Innovation
  • Academy for Care and Welfare
Social Work and Services
  • Delta Academy
Aquatic Ecotechnology
Civil Engineering -
Delta Management -
Energy- and Process Engineering
Logistics Management -
International Maintenance Management -
Maritime Officer
  • Scaldis Academy
Sports and Physical Education
International Business and Languages -
Vitality and Tourism Management -

Note: Only the study programmes with a "-" behind it are available for non-Dutch students.


The HZ organizes various sports for members of HZ Sport. It costs 40 euros to become a member of HZ Sport for a year. The organized sports are futsal, sailing, hockey, rugby and more.


The tuition fees (2013/2014) are fixed at 1835 euros per year for EU students, and 7950 euros for non-EU students. A pre-course English (for those whose English level is not equivalent to an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 6.0) costs 2850 euros per semester + 850 euros registration fees.
Costs of living per year: €10,000- for degree students. Costs of living per semester: €4,200 for exchange students.[5]


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