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For the Polish city with the German name of Bartenstein (not connected with the Hohenlohe family), see Bartoszyce.

Hohenlohe-Bartenstein was a German Principality of the House of Hohenlohe, located in northeastern Baden-Württemberg, Germany, around Bartenstein. Hohenlohe-Bartenstein was a partition of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst and was raised from a County to a Principality in 1744. Hohenlohe-Bartenstein was partitioned between itself and Hohenlohe-Jagstberg in 1798, and was mediatised to Württemberg in 1806.

Bartenstein Castle near Schrozberg

Counts of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein (1688–1744)[edit]

  • Philip Charles Casper (Count of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst) (1688–1729)
  • Charles Philip Francis (1729–1744) with...
  • Joseph Anthony (1729–1744)

Princes of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein (1744–1806)[edit]

  • Charles Philip Francis (1744–1763) with...
  • Joseph Anthony (1744–1763)
  • Louis Charles Francis Leopold (1763–1798)
  • Louis Aloysius (1798–1806)