Hoia Hoia language

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Hoia Hoia
Region Western Province, Papua New Guinea
Native speakers
180  (2000 census)[1]
Trans–New Guinea
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
hhi – Ukusi-Koparamio Hoia Hoia
hhy – Matakaia Hoia Hoia

Hoia Hoia (Hoyahoya) is a Papuan language of Papua New Guinea. It is close to Minanibai. The two varieties, Ukusi-Koparamio Hoia Hoia ("Hoia Hoia" in Ethnologue 17) and Matakaia Hoia Hoia ("Hoyahoya" in Ethnologue 17), are quite distinct, though significantly closer to each other than to other Inland Gulf languages.


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