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Hoiio API is a product from Hoiio, a startup based in Singapore.

It is a product for developers to create telephony apps easily. Using their web API (Application Programming Interface), developers can easily create telephony apps such as voice conferencing, voice broadcast, SMS broadcast, automated answering machine, etc.

Familiar web technologies such as REST API and JSON format are provided to developers, while Hoiio wrap the API around telecommunication infrastructure.

The solution is positioned as an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). The values to developers are:

  • Zero Setup Fee
  • Quick and easy to develop
  • Scalable Global Infrastructure


The product was officially launched during DEMO Asia 2012, held on 1 March 2012. DEMO Asia 2012 is a tech launchpad for emerging technologies in Asia. Before the official launch, there was a public beta for 6 months.

Hoiio API eventually won the People's Choice Award in DEMO Asia 2012, and was awarded the top prize of $200,000.


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