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For the county, see Hoke County, North Carolina. For two historic buildings, see Hoke Building (disambiguation).

Hoke is a surname and a given name which may refer to:


  • Brady Hoke (born 1958), American football head coach at the University of Michigan
  • Chris Hoke (born 1976), American retired National Football League player
  • Eldon Hoke (1958-1997), American musician
  • Jacob Hoke (1825-1893), American businessman and author
  • Jon Hoke (born 1957), American football coach and former player
  • Martin Hoke (born 1952), American Republican politician
  • Michael Hoke (1874–1944), orthopedic surgeon
  • Robert Hoke (1837–1912), Confederate major general, businessman and railroad executive
  • Stefan-Heinrich Höke (1905-1944), German World War II officer
  • William A. Hoke (1851-1925), American politician and jurist

Given name:

  • Hoke Norris (1913-1977), American journalist and writer
  • Hoke L. Smith (1931–2004), tenth president of Towson University
  • M. Hoke Smith (1855–1931), American politician and newspaper owner
  • Hoke Hooks Warner (1894-1947), American Major League Baseball player