Hokuto Bank

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The Hokuto Bank Ltd
Type closed-stock company
Industry Banking
Financial Services
Predecessor(s) Masuda Bank (March 3, 1895)
Founded Yokote, Akita, Japan
Headquarters Akita, Japan (1993)
Number of locations 82
Key people Satoru Machida (Chairman),
Eikichi Saito (President)
Products Retail Banking
Payday advance
Consumer Finance
Investment Banking
Employees 1,711
Website Hokuto Bank homepage
Hokuto Bank head office

The Hokuto Bank (株式会社北都銀行 Kabushiki Kaisha Hokuto Ginkō?) is a Japanese bank that is headquartered in Akita, Akita prefecture. The bulk of the bank’s business is in Akita prefecture, although it does operate branches in regional cities such as Morioka and Sendai, as well as a branch in Tokyo. The bank’s largest stakeholder is the Yamagata Prefecture-based FIDEA Holdings Co., Ltd, which currently controls 100 percent of the company stock.


Deposit Balance: Approximately 1.114 trillion yen
Employees: 1,177
Branches: 82 (79 domestic, 3 overseas)
President: Eikichi Saito (from June 2008)
Membership: Regional Banks Association of Japan


The forerunner to the Hokuto Bank was the Masuda Bank, established in Yokote, Akita Prefecture in 1895. Although the Masuda Bank merged with several other banks throughout the first half of the 1900s, it changed its name to its present form in 1993 when it merged with the Akita Akebo Bank. At the time of the merger, the name Komachi Bank was floated as a possible name, but was ultimately turned down in favor of the current form. The bank has gradually diversified its range of financial services, and began to offer insurance in 2002. In the early 2000s, the Hokuto Bank was involved numerous scandals, including embezzlement charges. This prompted the Japanese Financial Services Agency to request a plan to improve its governance. As a result, the Hokuto Bank has launched a series of initiatives, entitled Believe and, more recently, Breakthrough, to improve its governance.

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