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Holden Day Wilson LLP
Company type Limited Liability Partnership
Dissolved 1996

Holden Day Wilson LLP was a Canadian law firm. The firm was founded in the early 20th Century as Day, Wilson, led by founding partner Jimmy Day's expertise in the incorporation of mining companies.[1] In 1990, the firm merged with the prominent firm of Holden, Murdoch and renamed itself Holden Day Wilson.[1] In 1993, one of its partners, Garry Hoy, was killed after throwing himself through the glass windows of its downtown Toronto office.[2] The shock of losing one of its most successful lawyers proved too much for the firm, and the firm lost nearly 30 lawyers in the following three years. In 1996, the firm closed for good.[2][3] Until the closing of Goodman and Carr in 2007, it was the largest law firm failure in Canadian history.[2]


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