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Holger Michael (born 1954) is a German diplomat. He was appointed as Ambassador to Bangladesh in 2009.

He studied business administration in Cologne from 1972 to 1977 and attended the College of Europe 1977-1978.[1] After a short stint as a trainee at the European Commission, he joined the West German foreign service in 1979, working at the Foreign Office in Bonn, the Embassy in Ankara (1982-1985), Managua (1985-1988, Deputy Head of Mission), Bonn (1988-1991), Seoul (1991-1994, Head of Economic/Commercial Department), Bonn (1994-1997, Deputy Head of Division), Hong Kong (1997-2002, Deputy Head of Mission), Bangkok (2002-2006, Deputy Head of Mission) and the Foreign Office in Berlin (2006-2009, Head of Division, Foreign Trade Promotion).[2]