Holiday at Lake Bodom (15 Years of Wasted Youth)

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Holiday at Lake Bodom (15 Years of Wasted Youth)
Compilation album by Children of Bodom
Released May 22, 2012
Genre Melodic death metal, neo-classical metal, power metal
Children of Bodom chronology
Relentless Reckless Forever
Holiday at Lake Bodom (15 Years of Wasted Youth)
Halo of Blood

Holiday at Lake Bodom (15 Years of Wasted Youth) is a compilation album by the Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom, featuring one song from Something Wild, three from Hatebreeder, three from Follow the Reaper, four from Hate Crew Deathroll, four from Are You Dead Yet?, one from Blooddrunk, two from Relentless Reckless Forever, and two previously unreleased cover songs. The DVD portion of the package includes "candid touring and backstage footage from around the world”, plus the music video for "Shovel Knockout". The album was released on May 22, 2012.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Hate Crew Deathroll"   3:38
2. "Shovel Knockout"   4:03
3. "Hate Me!"   4:44
4. "Everytime I Die"   4:03
5. "Needled 24/7"   4:08
6. "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" (Dropkick Murphys cover) 2:50
7. "Sixpounder"   3:24
8. "Warheart"   4:06
9. "Roundtrip to Hell and Back"   3:47
10. "Trashed, Lost & Strungout"   4:01
11. "Living Dead Beat"   5:18
12. "Deadnight Warrior"   3:21
13. "Blooddrunk"   4:06
14. "Follow the Reaper"   3:47
15. "Are You Dead Yet?"   3:54
16. "Silent Night, Bodom Night"   3:11
17. "Jessie's Girl" (featuring Pasi Rantanen; Rick Springfield cover) 2:58
18. "In Your Face"   4:16
19. "Angels Don't Kill"   5:13
20. "Downfall"   4:33


Band members[edit]

Guest musicians[edit]