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Hollelujah - The Remix Album
Remix album by Holly Johnson
Released 1989
Genre Dance
Length 39:59
Label MCA
Producer Andy Richards, Dan Hartman, Stephen Hague, Steve Lovell
Holly Johnson chronology
Dreams That Money Can't Buy

Holleujah is a remix album by the British musician Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. It was released in 1989.[1] The album is hard to find and has five remixes and a bonus re-making of the "Hollelujah" track written by George Frideric Handel.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Love Train" (Americanos Big Beat 109 BPM version) (Johnson)
  2. "Atomic City" (Enviro - Mental Mix) 116 BPM (Dan Hartman, Johnson)
  3. "Perfume" (Aromatherapy-mix) 120 BPM (Johnson)
  4. "Americanos" (The Perfect Taco Mix) 110 BPM (Johnson)
  5. "Heaven's Here" (Mount Olympus Mix) 120 BPM (Johnson)
  6. "Hollelujah" (120 BPM) (Johnson, George Frideric Handel)

Critical reception[edit]

One UK music magazine gave the album two stars and wrote "Here’s a tester for you. When is a new album not a new album? When it’s called ‘Hollelujah’. It should strictly be called ‘Blast - The Remixes’. Apart from the title track, which can’t really be called new considering it’s based on one of Handel’s old hits, this is simply five tracks from last year’s brilliant ‘Blast’ LP remixed. Frankie Knuckles has been let loose on ‘Love Train’ while ‘Atomic City’ and ‘Heaven’s Here’ were entrusted to Julian Mendelsohn. The latter is the only version that benefits from its overhaul, but maybe that’s because it’s just longer. Martin Phillips and Madame X toy with ‘Perfume’ while Phil Harding and Ian Curnow end up with ‘Americanos’. With these illustrious names and such great material to work with the result is disappointing. Most of the songs having the life mixed out and the rhythm left bare. Holly is a precious and charismatic talent and ‘Blast’ was one of the best albums of ‘89, but this was obviously conceived by a record company who credit the public with less sense and shorter memories than themselves. So Holly’s still alive and working on his second LP, just tell us. We’ll understand. The songs are still good it’s just the idea that sucks."[2]

One German music magazine wrote "Summer doldrums even with Holly Johnson. Without new material, no new album, new tour no. So no moss for new clothes. This unacceptable situation has put an end to the record company, by finding the best songs of last year's "Blast" - Turn left by the remix album-wolf. "Love Train", "Americanos", "Atomic City" and "Heaven's Here," published in "The longer, the better" mix, but without an ounce waxed can only be of substance. Who has the regular Maxi's can skip this issue here. What is well-known producers such as Andy Richards, Julian Mendelsohn, Phil Harding and Steven have delivered Hague looks something like this: front and rear."[3]


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